More Shows To Watch If You Liked HBO's Watchmen


We're GONNA talk about recommendations. I for the long haul and these are things that we are either current or in the way back and there's this you know the. He is like when I sit down to try find something there's so much going on that I spent like an hour being watched I don't WanNa Watch. That should do this and it's like I, just want someone tell me what to watch. That's what we're going to hear for. Yeah. So we're GONNA basis off the some of the nominees for best show in the emmy categories I start off with HBO's watchmen as from Damon Lindelof this set in an alternative universe and drafting off the ground and comic book watchmen is It's like this dazzling procedure designed to also make you think that twenty six emmy nominations, the most of any serious. Like NERF gun to your head best show of the year. What would you say? Oh, it's watchmen watchmen to me like for limited series. So it's an a different categories, but I would even say it's better than all dramas on I. Think. So it's it's crowning achievement of TV this. So for sharp for me, I'm I'm thinking of like I want a show that looks great. Visually also will make me think. So I I wanted to go directly off of Damon Lindelof because I feel like he's kind of peak of his powers right now. So guys are wondering like other stuff he's done and I I can't think about the leftovers it's a similarly. It's a great show. It's alternative universe incredibly well, made really thoughtful but also like very simplistic in terms of you applying it to your that feels like watchmen felt current but also set in a different time. And leftovers current but also sat in a different times. So I love that the weirdness of the masks in watchmen which was so precious. So yeah, it's it's. It's phenomenal the other one I was thinking of when I want to. Recommend a show in in that Washington vein I'll say Black Mirror it's close enough. It's not really narrative based. Yeah. It's vignettes and different standalone stories, but it's kind of an alternate. Reality it looks close enough to realize that you're not sure that it's not. Yeah. But it's also telling us some darkened weird stuff about yourself. And the good thing about Black Mirror is to watch it. You're not watching it in each episode is its own Y'all episode so That's will put like some of our own favorite episodes that we both have really loved that we can include in the note. So you don't have to wonder because listen that first episode it's Just you just need to skip it. Hear me if you don't hear anything else if you don't hear Jamie doing the weird change of momentum at the beginning of the show if you forgot that already that's okay. Forget it. Here me this do not watch the first episode. Mom Don't do it dad don't do it much mom don't do it nobody do. It. Would be a mistake. Okay. It's a for me. If you love watchmen where you're like, that seems like it's good. Let me tell you to other shows that are good. So on that flakes, you can watch Jessica Jones I chose this because you got strong female lead just like you have in watchman, you have a superhero component which you also have and Jessica Jones it's dark. It's Gritty the villain in Jessica Jones is played by David tennant in that first season and he is per faction it keeps you on your toes. It's also very you're very to the visuals also recommending legion. Hulu. That's weird. Right because I think when you watch watchman, you're like I'm confused. Limits where you're like I, need to watch this again. Being, existing Ip it makes you think should I know that and I can confirm I. Didn't know. And watchmen I would sometimes read like recaps after I. Would Watch an episode and that would help me catch things maybe that I didn't grab the first time with Legion stars Dan Stevens? Famous playing. Matthew on. Downton Abbey He. It's a done by Noah. All Superhero Jason because this is the story of professor x his incredibly powerful, mentally ill mutant sign and so it's it also stars Jean Smart who is also in watchmen man she's in a Lotta. Golf that she has very good taste, and so it's weird enough that you're like It's not that classic Superhero which is what I also like about watchmen if we had done if we'd time traveled and done a designing women saying draft Jean Smart would not be my. Number. One pick would be any pots it would be we'll for private. Not. It be any pods, Anthony Delta Burke Julia sugarbakers. dixie Carter lab next to last over Jean Smart. Yeah. My point here is everyone would have been before Jean Smart Jean Smart was second. I'm going to be in Sweet Home Alabama and you're not going to know what to do with the low key cares. Okay.

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