Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Apologize for Plantation Wedding


Ryan Reynolds is apologizing for the plantation wedding he had in two thousand and twelve, which is wife Blake lively they were married at boone whole a former slave plantation in. South Carolina I mean you can't get around that at the time. They didn't really think about that. They thought the south has this big sweeping with the wind love story nine that the figured out and times have changed. He said the decision to have an anti bellum wedding was a huge mistake and I deeply deeply sorry for that. He did they've got married again at the. Home years later he said it was a big F ing mistake Dante. Here's the thirty th it's Ryan didn't have to speak out saying I'm sorry because what it is is this is blind ignorance I grew up in the south everywhere you go sadly there are these plantation homes and even open as tourist destinations. So you go and you visit them you look at them and It's just a lot of people don't know the history and we're kind of in the middle of that going on in the world. We don't talk politics here, but there are a lot of months of, do we take down statues? How do we deal with the history and the sad part is a lot of people don't know the history to in order to deal with it. Right and then I think when you do find out the history when you educate yourself or it's pointed out to you, you do the right thing. This is a lesson in. One One and Ryan and Blake passed with flying colors when you do something that wasn't right if you don't think it was right if it no longer feels right you speak up, you say, sorry, you know we don't talk about politics on the show I. think that's part of the success of the show but I did get married Bruce and I got married I'm shamed to say at Trump hotel we got married at trump in. So He's name is no longer on the building, but the fact is we did get married there. Do you think Blake and and Ryan have taken down their pictures got to admit we we framed after our wedding gown wedding photograph of Bruce. And I in the ballroom on the on the on the top floor. It was a beautiful beautiful view and I also frames the invitation that clearly tells you which hotel we got married at that invitation has come down in my living room. Do you think they've changed their pictures? No because it did happen and and I think though that they will educate people moving forward and educate their kids when they talk about the wedding, it's a good talking point now to people look beautiful picture and they say, you know what? This was the history this is what happened there. Let's move forward with it.

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