Protesters arrested for destroying line of police cars in west Philadelphia


Been arrested for vandalizing state trooper cars during a night of unrest in center city two months ago. Okay y W is crime and justice reporter Kristin Johansson has Mohr State police say the group used a scooter hammer skateboards, pry bars and spray paint to destroy to trooper cars parked along Vine Street near broad on Saturday, May 30th just before 4 p.m. Luke Osman and Steven Anderson from Levittown, William Be Salt from Saturday tonight and Sammy Riviera. A A and Francisco Reyes from Philly were all taken into police custody. Officers didn't disclose any of their ages. A juvenile from Croydon has also been arrested. It's unclear how investigators were able to identify the six but according to officials, both the Philadelphia and Bucks County District Attorney office is issued search warrants on the properties. But so far none of the six have been formally charged. Sources close to the investigation say the adults likely face vandalism, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Jeff charges the investigation into the damage continues. Kristen Joe

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