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It's always third twenty twenty instill in Buffalo Grove by I'd be here about four more days been great. Ben Affleck fucking eating orgy fat lawn alcohol few arguments typical family stuff you've been there. Me I'm GonNa be joined today with my my nephew Joe Fernandez they joe, what's up you guys who heard the pie kiss for three years now joe jumped in few shows probably two years ago. So you know it's funny. Isn't your winning anniversary Tamar the Tuesday toss for at the same Ryan. So you and your mom and dad and Julia you your August fourth is your wedding date is two years ago tomorrow Abba fifty years on. Two years and they're fifty two and I started the Patriots on on your wedding I went up to the hotel and I started either David for a day after either way this is all. Yeah it's very timely this stuff. So while in town, John would have been on the show a lot more but he obviously there's this Chicago and he's a new dad too little eva who's eighteen months, and now see WHO's a couple of months old. So we're having a fucking ball. You can imagine his hands are full obviously as a new dad navy been shift. Literally. The I. I haven't I. Haven't had the pleasure in cc yet if she at the stage where she shifts upper back and it's it's it's like a good. Jackson. pollock pay. Good like night, earth tones, and highest. Brown face round. A little yellowy. Trying to like new art. Nouveau Nouveau. That's I bet. There are a lot of MOMS out there who are not only understand, but you've had your shit explosions which your baby. I remember your brother Jack when he was probably to maybe not even. In the crib your mom I was over I was eleven we left in from it. He was naked she had to get a diaper because he did. As she's getting a diaper, Jackie stood up in the crib and took a shed. We got back to his room. He smeared the shit over the wall the crib. That the the the bedding it was like a like a movie. You gotta turn the he hasn't been the same said return maybe. That's why at least babies I return them listen your baby. Obviously Abe is eighteen months old. Baby goes through stages of bullshit shoot. When she gets over stem stimulated, she screams she acts out for like a minute. Nobile. Razi's to scream at time gate when I'd Walker it was people that I was going to kill the child was mine. What do you do now? When the baby goes? What action? Well, I call when we call wave stupid and Wendy Bendy backstrom off just made up where she does that fucking thing where she spasms. And throws the straight out and you you can't pick her up she's dead rubber legs. Like the opposite of Tom Cruise Mission of positivity. And she does the one on the back and you can't pick her up. It's great. It's great defensively if you ever like if you getting God forbid taken or anything like that, just do that. Movie that movie and taking says you pull the legs Flack your back and you can't. fucking. Business. Hold out any notice. Choose they were. Theory. Yeah I can't isn't it? Funny how now you watch movies about obviously kids getting kidnapped as a killer. But when you now that your father of girls, I never look at movies and worry about Rocco. He's a guy figured out, but girls Rasi lasts that we all at to dinner A. Mexican. Joint by the way eating out during Colbert's what a fucking butch I mean. They don't know what they do. We come attend ten people they're gonNA table for eight. You've thought they never counted as high as that number. So frantic about when we can't sich altogether why now you have to put a table in between people cove it. We ended up sitting two tables together kind of but. Rossi says during the dinner, we're talking about this whole thing's going out with pedophilia with Ellen, Tom, hanks, and Jimmy Kimmel and on its tally secretly pedophile I don't think they are Mike people know this but and Rossio, was Ronald Rocco's I read about that I. Heard you know this jets on some website and roxy goes she says yet there's a guy who has fool to total pedal forcibly. He she says to me without even taking to just he's seventeen year old in cell not in some. ASPIRIN? CI- expect to talk La I'm like you guys pullman sell well though we call her Pentothal we'll wait what's he like he just like tries to get the girls to hug him and shit. She never goes near given look hope that's GonNa be something that serves a well but. Conversations that you sixteen. And also I got a Margarita and I, go I. Try Not that you would try it. She goes no and rock. It just put a human said he can't stand alcohol and probably people are GonNa get mad at these twelve but he took a teeny weeny sit vacation rousey goes. Out All the headache a WHO good I don't want to like alcohol. You know you follow them like cocaine once fucking love light do not do cocaine actually. Just like the smell but that's our kids don't get a sound like a funny but in my twenties, I. If. My friend had cocaine I ran away to hear about it. They didn't want insult me in my thirties I, try and guess who fuck until along with it then guess who couldn't put it down. It's so dangerous and now these kids have she's like you know her her friends parents younger than I am. So I believe probably pills and their brothers get pills from their parents to get cocaine google. What? I don't. Wear. But she's sixteen. So what the fuss going to be like with Ada and twenty year we're going to be when she sixteen fourteen years from now I can't be twenty, thirty, four she's Chrysler.

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