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125,600 minutes. This next story is about to be a problem for a lot of folks right now on the Tri state. Connecticut has halted evictions through late August. New Jersey's band goes until October. In New York state. The moratorium is lifted on Thursday morning. Really shocking to me that New York is such a laggard in this respect the legal aid societies Judith Golden, ER says. This is going to be a crisis, court records show 14,000 families in the city. We're facing evictions before New York went on pause. It could be the first to see a marshal at their front door in the coming weeks there. Really it pretty imminent risk of becoming addicted and joining are already overcrowded, homeless system, she says. Another 400,000 families could get served with court papers will be off the hook if they can prove pandemic related financial hardship, and we need a moratorium, which would hopefully riches to the federal government, putting some really meaningful Relief and unemployment money back in the system. Steve Burns. WCBS NEWS Radio 80 Connecticut governor Ned Lamont today said the state will investigate every source and united illuminating to see why between Connecticut's two largest utilities Some 500,000 homes and businesses still had no power a day after tropical Storm he say yes, knocked it all out. Also knocked down a lot of stuff for folks to clean up now, a full in tree here in front of Kathleen's even wrote a home has created what looks like a one lane covered bridge. The angle tree is being held up by power lines. Cross street We had taken down similar trees, and our neighbor didn't so his fell on the wire. The wind during the storm was howling. And then we heard the crack of trees and it was it would pretty quickly But then you could see outside all debris all over the yard. Several roads in this area south of the marriage or impassable. Leaves and branches carpet the ground and there is the home of generator. Life of the generator definitely makes sense. It just can't work clean up will take days. And Stanford. Peter Hess Cool W. City as news radio dating same deal all around the tri state like on Long Island, Nassau County

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