Philadelphia 76ers beat Wizards 107-98; Simmons leaves with knee injury


Other wizards lost again to the Philadelphia seventy. SIXERS affiliate takes that one, one, seven, ninety, eight, also the big news from that game scholars. You know it's not that Philly won the game I anticipated that that would happen of the big news was that their star guard or I. Guess. Now, if their star power forward, Ben Simmons left the game in the third quarter with an injury to his left, knee. Yes. So they already got. GOT 'EM. Orion. A said, it was clear I. Don't understand this one because it doesn't like something happened, and when you come down and really you didn't get hit I, maybe got hit a couple possessions go and he finally felt at that point. That's a scary moment for Philadelphia because you know non contact injuries to the knee like I'm nothing he towards ACL I. Don't think he did that at all but I just I I do think that you know Know Ben Simmons had the injury with the back. He's come back. He's had this like a weird year. That's like, I think now I'm looking at the heat, I'm looking at the Pacers and the Philadelphia Seventy sixers don't that would be the team that I think like Boston or even I never going to go to Milwaukee and probably not gonNA go to Toronto. But Boston. Miami Indiana are probably trying to figure out a way to play the sixers. sixers. Get the win on. Wednesday night, but they have not looked great in the restart. So for Joel. EMBIID was the best player on the floor for the Phillips filled up seventy sixers. He finished that game with thirty points. Eleven rebounds, three assists, three steals two blocks, his usual stat sheet stuffing performance affiliate. But the big news as we mentioned is the injury to Ben Simmons A, you mentioned scale the initial return for PHILEAS. Good. But I? I agree they have to play a lot better. They have to look a lot better if they're going to have a chance to make some noise in the eastern conference playoffs, especially Scout Given that their first round playoff matchup is now looks like it's GonNa be one of these three teams, Boston Miami or Indiana

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