Facts and figures about the 72nd Emmy Award nominations


For this year's Emmy Awards on with Mario Hollywood bus. Netflix, arguably the biggest name in TV Right now, they lead all networks with 160. Any nominations. That is incredible to record, by the way, so he got nominated Fraser watchman looking to have a big night, more nominations than any other show. They got 26. Now Wait a second watchmen. Ironically, is not Netflix. No, it's not. It's on HBO miniseries on HBO, and I haven't seen this yet. We'll obviously It's doing some right 26 nominations. That's amazing. The marvellous Mrs Mazel, which is an Amazon show 20 nominations, Ozark and succession have 18 each marvellous. Mrs. Mazel was like the darling last year and pretty swept award season. That's a comedy Ozark in succession. Huge fan of both of those shows Nice to see them recognized. S o. We'll break down a couple of categories to real quick. The best drama nominees Better call soul. Yes, the crown. The Handmaid's Tale killing Eve, the man DeLorean. Mandel Aurea. What a nice surprise Right there. That's amazing for business, plus Ozark Stranger things and succession. How stranger things that was a really solid season. I am diggin. This category. Right here. This is a very, very tough category with so much great content out there. I'm a little surprised that the last season of homeland or billions, wasn't recognized cause I thought those two were outstanding. That's sure I actually have to catch up on homeland to see the best comedy nominees Curb your enthusiasm Dead to Me, which I recently started watching, and it's hilarious and weird and amazing. A good place insecure Kaminski method. The marvellous, Mrs Mazel freak and what we do in the shadows. Now wait a second. What we do in the shadows. I am not familiar

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