No US Open for Nadal; Olympics Re-Lived: 2004 Athens


Fellow folks, and welcome. Once again to the tennis podcast and the latest edition of Olympics relived, we've already lived through the Olympics nine, hundred, Eighty, eight, three to the two thousand in Sydney, and we now arrive at two thousand four Athens Olympics return to it, spurs place one, hundred, four years earlier just before we get onto reliving. Olympic things a little bit of news to one since our last weekly tennis actual tennis based podcast couple of days ago. The knees we've had is the entry list is out for the US Open. And Rafael. Nadal is not on it. He has made an announcement that he will not be playing the USA Open. It is for health risk based reasons, which I think we'll. We'll respect that obviously disappointing for the tournament that that won't be their first. Grand, Slam with neither federal known adult, since Nineteen Ninety nine on the women's side nine. If the world's top turn on the entry list, it's only a number one ashburn on it. Obviously, entry list does not mean list of players that are actually definitely going to play. But it's nonetheless, you know this early stage, a bit of beast for the US Open, and the other bit of News we've had is that. As entirely expected at the Madrid Masters and premium mandatory tournament has been canceled. I. Mean the writing on the wall. That as we discussed on Monday, but it has been formally cancelled. We do understand there's a chance that Kitsch Buell, which is tournament that must get mentioned on every tennis podcast apparently. Might. Now, move. Back a week to take up that place in the calendar where Madrid. We're going to be of I said that quickly enough so that we can move onto Olympic stuff. Is Seen as possible. I mean there are a lot of good players. All over those interests, and as you say, who knows how many of them will end up playing but him and we we knew that the likelihood was the Dow wasn't gonNA play. There was maybe a little bit of doubt about that. When Madrid was canceled perhaps Nadal might have changed his mind, but you said it's at the time you felt that if it was a view on the virus itself and not wanting to travel and it's not going to change and sure enough he made it clear that it was because of his concerns over the virus, he just feels the world isn't ready for that and he's He's not comfortable to travel. I did sort of slightly Riley. Smile. When I saw the pressure relation, the US not even including the dowels name in the release, not even acknowledging that they're defending their reigning champion was not actually going to be there because of the decision he taken and yet they did mention that Roger Federer wasn't going to be there because of his injury I thought that was poor. I think just acknowledging the champion would have been a classier thing to have done, and actually I noticed in Chris. Clarity's piece overnight in the new. York Times that he spoke to the tournament Director Stacey Allaster who? took a completely different tack and pay tribute to refer and said, she looked forward to returning and I think that that is certainly the right way to of played that. But yeah. We've also seen one or two notes overnight of the protocols that the USDA plan to. Employ for covid nineteen testing, and if somebody tests positive in a team or an or apply themselves, the play will just be removed from the tournament and we'll have to isolate and. The words of James Blake really came back to me are upon reading those rules of just what it might take even for the tournaments if it had a lot of. People testing positive in having to be removed from the drawer. How many Coulda draw take you know this? This something I hadn't really considered before and if you're staying independent accommodation, so electing not to stay in the. Official bubble hotels. Then you have to pay for and be responsible for private security to monitor your bubble adherents. which is intense but space slightly reassuring. But goodness me, it's. Any ad, the question remains unanswered of of what the threshold is for that tournament. What's what stage does D stop treating individual cases and start saying as a? Hot Sports that needs to be needs to be shut down and his depressing is that. Prospect. is they they need to have a plan for that scenario?

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