Harvard Researchers Find Racial Disparities Across Court Systems


Law. School reports is black and Latino defendants in Massachusetts or more likely than white defendants to be locked up for offenses involving drugs and weapons, The report says. They also get longer sentences than white people sent to prison for similar crimes. This study was commissioned by the His Supreme Judicial Court several years, Harvard researchers found significant racial disparities in the handling of weapons drug cases. Researchers also found disparities in Senate's lengths are in part because black and Latino defendants tend to face more serious initial charges. Than white ones. Despite nationwide attention on racial injustice and ABC News investigation finds In many cities, black drivers are continuing to be pulled over at higher rates than white drivers. NBC chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has some of the finding in Minneapolis five times more likely in Los Angeles in Chicago four times more likely three times more likely in Philadelphia and San Francisco in some of the cities. The rates are more equal. ABC News founded in Louisville in Houston, Black Americans are as likely as White Americans to be stopped by the police.

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