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These Woodward tapes more of your calls when we come back, it's VD. You're in the middle on our chaos. This report sponsored by Rocket Mortgage on the expressway south and we have a disabled car just outside of the O'Neill tunnel, which is slowing things down all the way to Columbia Road. You're slow again as you approach the Braintree split north bound, slow from the split up to Freeport Street. Then on again, off again delays as you head towards the O'Neill Tunnel Lord part of 93. Not bad from Braintree to Randolph through three North bound, seeing Simran and duck spring otherwise. 23 is moving. Just fine. 1 28 South bend to the north of the city. Still dealing with those delays to due to a recycling truck Roll over at the 93 1 28 cloverleaf ready to buy a new home but don't know where to start. Rocket can check out the rocket mortgage home Buyers Guide for articles, tips and tools When you need your mortgage to fit your family and budget rocket can rocket mortgage I'm John Willis to the W RKO Traffic center. Now, Weather Channel forecast guys down Friday more clowns, sunshine temperatures around 79 this afternoon. We're dry this evening, but late tonight, some scattered thundershowers. Tomorrow. Cold Frank. It's a little bit closer so showers and thunderstorms scattered by

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