Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

Scorpio Today


Stations Retrograde in your sixth house, it'll be important to pace yourself. You run the risk of over committing and spreading yourself too thin. Focus on matters that concern you directly and safe the rest for tomorrow. Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships. Over the next two weeks, you'll be a maverick at running group projects. Whether you're collaborating with a business partner or your leading a team at work, trust your ability to delegate and contribute. Contemplate your path to personal growth. The next few months or ideal for editing. Take the time to revisit old projects building on what you already have. There may also be certain personal habits you long to revise. The focus now is on quality over quantity. Scorpio today is a daily podcast follow on spotify to make it part of your morning routine. If you're interested in learning more about your signing, download the sanctuary up from the OPPAL APP or Google. Play stores get your first reading today and follow sanctuary its sanctuary world on instagram. That's s ANC T. U.. A. R. Y., W.? R., L. D.. horoscope today is park asked original. Wendy from science buses for lots of people. Astrology matters. It helps them deal with Bozos out in the world. Yeah. I'm done with Capricorn. Gemini the worst. So we dove into the science to see. Anything to all this and there was some real surprises so it worked. What's really written in the stars find out on science faces at science the S for free unspecified over evie. Get you pugs.

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