The International Scientists Getting Pushed Out

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I. There was a travel ban has been chaos and confusion at airports around the. World. Tonight. Seven muslim-majority countries. Here's the map and then the trump administration froze green cards for new immigrants. Until the end of this year, the announcement came at a late night tweet president trump saying he intends to close the US to immigrants. Then some Chinese graduate students and researchers were singled out on May twenty ninth president trump announced a proclamation to suspend entry to graduate students and post doctoral researchers who attended universities affiliated with. Chinese military. So I was I was kind of psychologically prepared Emmett. Don had heard the rumors of what might be coming next. He grew up in Turkey and came to the US for his PhD Twenty Ten and is now working as a post doc in the physics department at UC Berkeley. So it wasn't a shock when in June, the administration blocked visas for a wide variety of jobs including the H. One B. Visa. which is what a lot of tech workers and scientists like met were hoping to get I. Try to be more in peace with uncertainty, and this is what I've been trying to do for the past couple of years. It's been a struggle for me to do his research in the United States. One time he got stuck outside of the country for nine months because of a visa issue rate before he was supposed. To, start his job, and then now met has an approval for an H. One B. Visa and was just one step away from getting it activated when the executive order came down and that makes any kind of life planning really hard. It's unfair to my spouse to through the same thing for my own career choices. For instance, we are unable to really contemplate having children at this point with all of this. because. We don't even know where we're going to be living in the next year in addition to figuring out his own situation met has been organizing with his post doc union to help other international scientists deal with the confusion and fear caused by the visa ban. He's heard lots of stories a researcher wanting to visit her elderly parents in New Zealand but worried about leaving the country and not getting back in another researcher who did travel out of the country this spring and so far has not been able to come back. We have been very active in creating spaces where people can share their stories can help each other out share information and just be connected to each other because. It is really difficult to handle as an individual that's not something we get taught in school. It's a lot to deal with it sucks up a tremendous amount of emotional energy and time and Matt says, of course, it's taken a toll on his research. I. Have to sit down from my computer and do my research every day, but there's a there's a world of uncertainty there every day some new policy comes out and it makes it difficult to focus a recent National Science Foundation report found that nearly thirty percent of people in science and engineering jobs in the US were born outside the country basically a lot of science in US depends on scientists born outside of it. Which is why memo finds the visa. Ban especially. Maddening I. Think it is really absurd gut majority of research is funded by the federal government, which then turns around and blocks people from coming into the country and doing that research. Today in the show the rationale behind the June visa bans and how policies like this or affecting international scientists and scientific. In the

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