Former Obama Intern, Desiree Tims, Runs For US Congress


Are you doing array is doing fantastic carrio. I can't complain I'm happy to be with you today. I know it's been a little difficult getting scheduled. You gotta go out here raise money and may cause and win the seat listen. Every day, we're working hard to get the drop down. We have a lot of work to do. Yeah. Yeah. Well, at know that it's you have your work out free but I also know you're willing for the job in addition to hearing about you just from being on the board of Clarkston CBC pack also Special Little Nudge from our shared in winter. Are you gonNA talk to desert I said my pleasure it'll be monthly. Enough. Still. Always happy to get to get an edge my real vaseline to case. My boss to. Answer yes, she is. So phenomenon spirit in always had. So the first thing I want to go to actually is There is a song that's out right now. That is urging people it really to me is like the modern doper cooler version of schoolhouse rock and it's. A song by a yellow pain who when guide Efron Cory who works with him? I was like Oh God. No, and then come to find out. That's your cousin. Yes. Yellow pain is your president as right. We gotta get him to do a song for you. Hear that. Song. That's just for you so I helped educating. About voter suppression by how the definite words I need one specific desert for Congress. I have to think of that. So this the whole song came about because I'm back home. After you know the Obama Administration ended worked on Capitol Hill and I was like okay I am going to take a break from public service because people think he'll staffers make a lot of money and we don't What's What's and I was on the higher end but girl what's Yeah One more time for people in the back. So, law school they night at Georgetown and I was like, okay. I'm going to work at a firm for a little bit pay my student loan debt down a good for a few weeks. Or years and Michael Copy shoes real now trip here in there. That was that was what I invasion high yellow pain is on. On your to. On. Your standard requires well, okay because we. INSTAGRAM's sophisticated yet you're right now in. One at a time but ultimately, death rate is told you how to make more money instagram this season. So exactly right I claim home I'm limited ground talking to people about what's happening. So when I moved back home the KKK March downtown. Dayton? That weekend and then we had tornadoes in a match shooting and I was like, okay we have to vote and we have to make sure people are in retention but everyone here on the ground in my family they know me from working in the Obama White House and so sometimes when I say things in Angela, you know this, we say things because they are you guys are politicals. It's sometimes doesn't reach them in the way it should and I thought well, my cousin, he conscious rapper talks about a lot of things and I was like I need you to talk about this song. I have a song about voting in my head it's going to be like schoolhouse rock but hip hop. Though and I think it can work. He was like I. Don't know and I was like, no you can do it in the months reidy fleshing out ideas how to save you call. I. Now we need a robbery in Congress. I can't rent. Over like yours, the concept you're, Ryan. Here's the lyrics. This is what we're going to say we have to talk about what happened in two thousand ten we have to talk about our have to talk about judges at the scene we have. That No. It worked out. It was great I'm so glad he. Goes raise lyrics this little bit you now hidden talent.

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