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In the room of the oldest in the room of the oldest in a run, and I'm not using Otto to be a man. This I'm going to right now. Time is I got this wheel over here, man and my duties. I got to do every voice that I pull out of this. I got to do this voice. So what I want you to do is I'm going to spend the wheel. All right, All right, so All right. Well, have fun. Then we see what we have here. All righty now and Travis, I want you to judgment. Uh, first off, I'm just going to do the voice if you if you got the voice, If you get it, then you're right. And then I'm going to pull one out. And I want you to try the next one. All right, R R R Rico product battle it is. I'm not going to say who it is already. I wish that I was still in the running so you could vote for me. But if you can't vote, you need to continue to vote. You need to vote Democratic. Do you know that is Travis got man? All right. Well, you know, I sat down with car TB and card Maybe. She was a great lady. You've got to. You've got to vote. I did not make it this time. No, the last time But I am here. You know that is you didn't make it out alive. Everybody out there. You need to fill the birds. Do you know that is no party? Sanders? Yes, about black because I am Good lord. Alright, man. We got Travis Scott in the neighborhood. Big boy's neighborhood

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