195-Greek Myths: Stranger Danger

Myths and Legends


Zeus danced his way home. He was all smiles. He did that thing where you jump on a light pole and spin around it. But then he realized Paul's wouldn't be invented for what three thousand years. He quickly invented a light pole and then spun around. Zeus was smitten he was in love. It started like so many love stories often did he was a death lescot in the form of an eagle and she was a priestess of his struggling to hold down a calf as she was killing it for him. I know so common, it might as well be cliche. Similarly campuses daughter Connah's attention the day she slaughtered a calf at his alter specks of blood catching her face and hair. He watched as she waited out into the river to wash the blood from her face and close. It was at that moment that he realized everything he was looking for his years of mindless pleasure seeking carousing was right in front of him. She was right in front of him. He visited her that night and It was beautiful for the first time. He didn't have to surprise a woman as a shower of gold or swan or Turner into a cow. With her. He was Zeus the king of the Gods. And he was in love with her. She took him into a room. And so here he was six months later he was a one woman man I mean. Other than his wife Hera but he assured similarly that it was over and had been over for literal eons which while true was also completely untrue because they were still very much married. Still this time this time things were real Zeus was gonNA. Leave, Hera. Simile was pregnant. Hey, we're GONNA have a baby together. When he arrived at lease room that night he kissed her but. She gently pushed him back. He was confused what was wrong? Simile ast. He said, he would do anything for her right. He nodded, but she couldn't see that because he was still completely veiled in shadows. So he said Yes yes. Of course, and he would swear to do anything she asked. He said he her. He would swear to do anything she asked he would swear on the river styx, the river that separated human world from the underworld. He heard sigh of relief in the dark similarly said that sometimes men said that they were gods to get into the bedrooms of unsuspecting women. Would explain why there's so many random supposed- demigods running around. Anyway. She wanted to see him in all of his glory. Similarly want to see him as. As wife. Saw Him. Only then which he believe him. Zeus. Face Palm. Okay. Okay. Here's the thing. There's a reason it was always night when seuss came to visit and it wasn't just never mind if he showed her his true form and all of his glory. She couldn't handle it her head literally explode. Similarly pulled away. That's exactly what she had said. Chill ran down seuss's spine. She. Simply said, yeah a crone stopped by this morning they talked all day. She confided in the woman about Zeus, when the woman asked about the pregnancy, she was the one who gave similarly the idea to ask Zeus true form. A request that Zeus was suddenly getting all cagey about. Owners it's because it will make your head exploded seriously. I'm not making this up your tiny human brains can't take it. I should know I made you guys Zeus said. I thought Prometheus theus made us similarly asked. Yeah. Well, history is written by the winners and I have him chained to a rock zoo said before pulling something from his inventory that did she wanna see some cool stuff he produced a cloud a tiny storm cloud for the room. Looks Pretty. god-like. Can't fake that he saw a very unimpressed look from her face and lightning rumbles of the cloud. Okay. Okay. Out Boom lightning bolt the cyclopes made these for me and yes that's the plural of cyclops even though it sounds weird, this is a small one. irregular-sized one level this here, check it out. He Senate flying toward a nearby cliff which exploded and fire crackled with electricity's a boulder shook loose started rolling toward a nearby village. Zoos closed the curtains. They'll be fine. Good enough. Though, just a preview was God. That was good enough right. But it wasn't similarly said she asked something of him. He swore it on the river sticks and that was the only way for them to be together either he showed his true form. or he could leave right now and never come back. Zeus had hoped this will be different. Assembly would be the one. She understood him. She loved him and he loved her he had been honest with her from the start. But he understood her wanting all of him Herro was right to be worried too. He had hoped to make her the Queen of Heaven. He nodded. Okay. He would do it. He would do it with the hope that their love will conquer all and see her safely through he took a deep breath and shed his disguise. The room lit illuminated by the glory of the King of the Gods. Zeus looked into the eyes of the one he loved. And simply looked back as he showed himself his whole self. It was wonderful. Beautiful intimate. A tear of joy went down symbolize cheek. Zoo smiled and return. Yes then the evaporated as the lightning that radiated from Sousse cuts emily's head on fire and it. Just like Zeus feared it would and harrowed the crone who had visited her earlier had planned. It would the lightning crackled all around Zeus. As not only could similarly not handle the power, but the room itself couldn't. It caught fire. Sucide. And tear started a well up in his eyes. But then he remembered something. The baby. Inside Simile, a baby had been growing. She'd only been pregnant for four months. Not Nearly enough time. As the room and then the house started burning around them. Zoo snapped his fingers. He had an idea.

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