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Of the mass singer has a double surprise. For the first time ever. The show is going to include a two headed duet costume. The snow owls, they'll be joined by costumes. They've already talked about the giraffe, the crocodile, the mysterious whatchamacallit. More costume announcements are coming soon to a season for the mass singer kicks off at eight o'clock on the 23rd on Fox. And if you want to get a sneak peek of that's Noel's costume hit up my block. It's sunny one of 79 dot com. Sunshine is a way of life in South Florida, and these souls are the soundtrack, the greatest hits of the seventies eighties and nineties on stunning 179. Go. Sweets never called. She's got there today. Use it. You won't have to thank twice. She's PR New York Snow that day. You know that? Today to take home You like your dice. From that day. Snow. You wait you She's knows what it is today. That she's knows She's a spy Ashes. Is you? She's got that today. The greatest hits of the seventies eighties and nineties. That sunny window 79. You see, He's a friend. He's been a good friend of money lately. Something's changing hard and just got himself a girl and I won't make

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