The ticket. Baker. Mayfield was the first pick in the NFL draft. Baker Mayfield


Is Joe Burrow. Who is on a far worse team. His team is Comparatively speaking, terrible. Actually, his team is terrible. They were the worst team in the league last year, which is why they had the first pick in the draft. Which is why he's there now, But they're much better than they were a year ago when he is the reason why Because he's a really good job. Burrow is the goods and he looked totally comfortable and confident and in control against a better team than Baker was facing in his second game, coming four days after his first He gets the quick turnaround immediately. And he looked in total control of that came through 61 passes last night and looked angry afterwards that his team lost. And I get it and I love it, and I love him. So Cincinnati got yourself a special player. Joe Burro was going to be great. When they get the right pieces around that kid. They're going to be good because he is good. Baker Mayfield. I emerged with Mohr questions last night than I did answers. They needed to win the game and they won the game. I'm not selling that short. They lose last night and all hell is breaking loose today. But I did not come out of that feeling any better about Baker Mayfield. I had Pat Naqura. Fionn. Get up with me. This morning. We talked about that. We talked about the recipe for Cleveland going forward. Listen to the way Mac if he put it

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