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Shin promises. Fox News. I'm Mary course. Study Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says he plans to defend the affordable care act and its protections for pre existing conditions during his presidency. Millions America We're voting because they know their healthcare hangs in the balance in the middle of the worst global health crisis in living memory. Donald Trump is before the Supreme Court trying to strip healthcare from tens of millions of families. President Trump's 2016 health care agenda. Centered around repealing the affordable care act and poisoned tainted mail intercepted before reaching the White House, according to officials. A woman was taken into custody by U S Customs and Border Protection Officers near Buffalo, New York, A woman suspected of sending an envelope with rice into the White House has been arrested at the New York Canada border. The letter was intercepted a governmental facility that screens male Reportedly. The letter originally came from Canada. Fox's Jackie Ibanez, a Democratic U. S. Senator Cory Booker, joining CBS's face the Nation to discuss the severe long term political implications of allowing Republicans to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg court seat before Election Day. Now, voting has already started, and we had literally my colleagues speaking to what the rules should be, what the guiding principles they were operating on, and so, for now, for them to so severely violate their own words, I think A tremendous amount of damage to the institution of the Senate, as well as to the legitimacy of the court. But President Trump said the next Supreme Court nominee will be a woman and vowed to fill the seat without delay. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promise that the Senate will vote on a replacement named by the president. But some people are now calling out Senate Republicans for hypocrisy. Citing that in 2016. McConnell blocked President Obama Supreme Court nominee because he and his conservative colleagues believed the seat should not be filled during an election year. America is listening to box News. From the Fox News Podcasts Network, subscribe and listen to the tray. Gowdy podcast. Joey didn't fail. He lost. There's a huge different politico doesn't know the difference. But the rest of us do good people can lose. Joe Kennedy is no failure is what the Democrats should embrace. He's certainly what all of his colleagues respected. He deserved more balanced coverage from the DC media. He won't tell you that, but I won't describing listen now by going of Fox News podcasts. We're a nation founded on principles on freedom with leaders have changed the course of human civilization.

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