Man accused of shooting at 3 Philadelphia police officers identified


Police Police are are asking asking for for help help from from the the public. public. The The locate locate a a man man who who they they say say ambushed ambushed police police in in a a shooting shooting that that left left two two officers officers injured injured on on Friday Friday night night as K. What Abuse Antoinette Lee reports? One of the officers was wearing a bullet professed that saved him from a bullet. 28 year old Jeffy on Thomas has wanted for attempted murder in connection with the shooting that took place in East Mount Airy around 8 P.m.. On Friday night. Philadelphia police say three officers in an unmarked car We're checking on a man on a bike when he pulled Out a gun and started shooting at them. The officer drove off and then crashed into a fence. The gunmen continue to fire into the car. One bullet went through the door and the seat hitting the driving officer in his back. He was spared by his bulletproof vest. The officers got out of the car returned fire as a second shooter, joined from further down the street. Several shots were fired before the two shooters eventually ran away, leaving behind the two injured officers. They are expected to be okay. Police believe that Thomas was the man on the bike and said he could be armed and dangerous. Anyone with information about his whereabouts should call 911 and swing it Li Ke with W. NewsRadio. Police are

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