Episode 221 | Colleen & Josh Leppert


Free you would be spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Every week. So that was that was kind of an easy way to maintain a nice loving happy Disney fried relationship. So I mean I true date was if you've ever heard of the floor park challenge. It is the most crazy like don to dusk experience. So. You Get up super early in the morning and you wrote drop magic, Kingdom. And you pretty much go all day and do all four cards trimark as many rights at every single part take as many modes of transportation as physically possible. and. That was our first date means started at I believe Lake six thirty in the morning, and I don't think we got back to our like college program housing until. After midnight after midnight, and if that does not care a first date. You can handle that lunchtime a theme park in the heat with someone. You got you got a good one they're. Fisher out so you can definitely learn a lot about someone in that situation of you know, how do they approach the parks you know do you go rider left to world showcase I? Mean there's all kinds of decisions that really tell about someone's personality at that point the only the only thing I can think of is like when I get hungry, it's not a good situation so I can imagine going that long you have to get hungry. So you have to check that out the how that's GonNa go What's What's etiquette dealing with food? And what what happens when the blood sugar gets a little bit low to that's always an always a vital thing to. Appropriate to ask for corn. Dog Nuggets offers. That was that was a good A starting point that that is you know never never stopped our Disney loves and loves to each other. Exactly. I mean my my true Disney star was baby visiting Disneyland I'm visited. Disneyland. And then all the time coming as a kid to Disneyworld with my family I mean I voluntarily turned down a ski trip. To come to Disney for my senior year of high school like spring break. Not. Many seniors do that. So I mean if both of you did the college program, did you have the same kind of upbringing? Josh for you just knew that you had to do the college program when it was when you got enough, you don't my situation was actually a little bit different I'm media professional now. That's what I've been doing for almost as long as I can remember and when I was in college, I was going to Michigan State for Film and Television Production and I thought my future was always going to be in New, York City and Los Angeles but deep down I always had a love for Disney my first trip to Disney world was when I was five. and. Then we loved so much as a family. We came every year since up until I went off to college me being the oldest. Child in the family once we went off to college the family vacations kind of started to stop and I started to kind of get a little bit homesick towards the beginning of my sophomore year, and that's when I went around to a very. serendipitous visit to my college of Communication Arts and Sciences where they had a whole bunch of job flyers on the wall and in this particular, a bulletin board that they had set up was a flyer,

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