There's so many little details even like


That came with a whole bunch of injuries. Nick Bosa, Solomon Thomas both carted off in the game. Jimmy Garoppolo misses the second half with an ankle injury. But here's back in quarterback Nick moments talking about the change in his mindset, but he's looking to do going forward. And so that's kind of what has been kept pushing me. And execution wise, just there's so many little details even like I know I only played a half, but when you get into the game, you focus and like operationally and things like that sort of a different so it's fun to experience that as well. 40 Niners awaiting a couple of them are right results. We should get more information about the high ankle sprain from Jimmy Garoppolo today, as well as the specificity on the Solomon Thomas injury From yesterday. The San Francisco Giants won game three of the series against the A's yesterday. 14 to 2 at the Ring Central Coliseum. They're not 26 26 salvaging that wind keeps

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