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So job, Earl last night through 61 passes set a rookie record with 37 completions. Did not throw an interception, had three touchdowns, completed passes to eight different receivers and was 55 on fourth down on side or offside with Burrows performance last night showed everyone that Baker Mayfield Is actually the fourth best quarterback in the A F. C North. Banker Lamar next question. Lamar Baker Ben Next question, Ben. Baker or Joe Burrow. Is Tony Rome would say Wait a second. So it's a conversation. When I look at Joe borrow, I immediately think franchise quarterback. Now I'm someone that like Baker Mayfield coming out of college. Now I look at Baker Mayfield as an unknown So it could be a little premature because we got to Seymour at a burrow. But if you ask me right now, who I would rather have I'd rather have Joe borrowed the baker Mayfield. If you put Joe borrow this year on the Cleveland Browns, I think Joe borrow would have a better season. Then Baker Mayfield. This is coming from someone that believes in Baker and believes in the Browns. It is telling last night How the Browns had success wasn't really through. Baker dominated. It was through Baker, managing the game and having the run game going out at first were on the other hand, even though they lost the Bangles. Not that offensive line. Mixing couldn't really run the football. They gotta throw the football more. There wasn't a lot

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