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Jr has told thousands of demonstrators in Washington that the United States is on what he called a rocky but righteous journey towards justice. The rally addressed by Martin Luther King, the third and other activists was held in protest of racism and police brutality after a series of police killings of black people. Mr King said the dream begun by his father was achievable. We're taking us struggle to the streets and to social media. The nation has never seen such a mighty movement of modern day. Incarnation of what my father called the coalition of conscience, and if we move forward with purpose and passion, we will complete the work so boldly began in the 19 sixties. The Brazilian vice president Hamilton Morale has denied the country is cutting millions of dollars of funding for the protection of the Amazon basin and the Pantanal wetlands from deforestation and wildfires. It was an apparent U turn because a little earlier, the environment Minister Ricardo's Salis had announced two of the country's environment agencies would cease operations on Monday are America's editor, Countess P. Et, says there now appears to be a power struggle in play.

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