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Jets just make. Now, that would be something. Just. Hey they just lost Cam Balaj. Four data that Knicks how do you recover from that? What a room that would be? Gordon be a Jimmy to mount rush-. Gore retires. Okay guys. That's it. That's our bonus pod jet. You don't want to hear all the names, the Jaguars. Okay. Stop for four net go ahead. Christian McCaffrey Dobbin cooked Joe Mixing Nava Kamerhe Kareem. Hunt James Counter Tree Cohen Marlin Aaron Jones Chris Carson Austin Eh cler cloud shop Jackson was a great running back class well, do you know that in in the Startup Dynasty League team we share them which is just been an absolute monster since this league started and the reason it's been an absolute monster is because I had the second pick in the rookie draft and the first pick was Leonard Fournette the second pick which Christian McCaffrey. Wow Man. Who could have seen this coming? Okay. That's it for our bonus podcast. Thank you everybody for listening. Thank you all for listening to fantasy football today and five go subscribing that podcast. We've got another episode coming up later today where we'll get Savar tapes I forget and see what's developing there, and we got a lot more for you obviously as well. Email US fantasy football cvs dot com. Later.

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