Police Investigate Possible Shot Fired at Los Angeles Trump Caravan


6 37 still lot of questions this morning morning police police investigating investigating possible possible shots shots fired fired at at a a pro pro trump trump caravan caravan in in the the San San Fernando Fernando Valley. Valley. Hundreds Hundreds of of trucks, trucks, cars cars and and even even military military vehicles staged to Taft High School in Woodland Hills about 11 30 Sunday morning when the LAPD says someone reported a person in a nearby apartment building on Ventura Boulevard, shot out a tire on a car in the direction of the pro Trump Caravan. Police cordon off the area called the SWAT team out for three possible barricaded suspects, but they didn't find anyone inside. Meantime, the caravan made its way down Ventura Boulevard to Studio City. Keep your guns. Keep your freedom. Keep your money. Your hard earned money deserves to be kept by the hardworking people there. Several dozen Trump supporters held a sidewalk rally counter protesters showed up, but the LAPD was on scene and kept the sides apart. Emily Valdez que

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