But a cripple of primate research in the U. S. A conversation with author


Trump legally some the police to monitor polling places on Election Day. The legal eagle Jessica Levinson is here There is a race to find a covert vaccine, but it could be hampered by a monkey shortage. Monkey breeding is a really expensive Time intensive process and animals. Rights activists have also but a cripple of primate research in the U. S. A conversation with author of Tessa Mush Bag who's new novel is called Death in her hands and new music with ANL. If what I think is Going to be incredible is to hear the songs that are being written. Now that we're going to hear six months from now the news is next. Live from NPR News. I'm Laxmi saying Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is taking his campaign to the key battleground state of Pennsylvania today. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports, Biden is mounting a more aggressive offense against President Trump amid ongoing protests against police brutality and racial injustice in cities across the country. Biden says his second term of President Trump will lead to more violence in American cities, Speaking in Pittsburgh bite and laid the blame on Trump, accusing him of sowing chaos. Fires were burning. We have a president who fans the flames. Rather than fighting flames, But We must not burn. We have to build Is president long ago forfeited any moral leadership in this country. Fighting also condemned the destruction and violence that at times has come along with acts of protest, he says. As president, he would support those calling for racial justice and work to unite the country. More broadly. Windsor Johnston. NPR News in Portland, Oregon State police are joining local authorities in their investigation into a deadly shooting resulting from a chaotic weekend of protests. A member of a right wing group died following a confrontation between Trump supporters and opponents. The violence set off a vitriolic exchange online between President Trump and Portland's Democratic mayor over who's to blame. The mayor of Lake Charles. Louisiana, says the destruction from Hurricane Lauren Hiss city is catastrophic and the need for immediate aid

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