Saturday, August 29th, 2020

Scorpio Today


Let's begin your. Day. You may have spent the week tweaking current project or conjuring ideas for something new. Now seek feedback from colleagues or like minded hobbyists people who come from a place of authority and expertise. Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships. This is your month to seek love in unusual places. Given the state of things this could be more challenging than ever. Try, to see the fun in it anyway. Find unusual methods of connecting with someone new. Contemplate your path to personal growth. Whatever your next move. Be Strategic. It can be easy to dive in Headfirst, but this rarely yields great results. Planning can be boring but it cuts losses and sets you up for success Scorpio. Today is daily podcast. Follow on spotify to make it part of your morning routine. If you're interested in learning more about your signing, download the sanctuary up from the apple APP or Google play stores, get your first reading today and follow sanctuary its sanctuary world on instagram. That's essay. ANC. T.. U.. A.. R. Y.

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