TikTok deal to sell U.S. business could be announced as soon as Tuesday


On the sale of the social media APP. Tic TAC could come in soon as tomorrow. The latest from Chepo July. If you're unfamiliar with TIC TAC, just ask a team. It's It's an an app app that that allows allows users users to to share share short short videos videos often often put put to to music music and and it it has has become become a a global global sensation. sensation. But But the the U. U. S S government government is is suspicious suspicious of of the the APP APP and and it's it's Chinese Chinese developer developer Bite Bite dance the White House has ordered it's US operations sold to an American company for security concerns. And Alex Sherman with CNBC says a deal is imminent. Over the weekend, Tic Tac has been looking at two different bids, one from Oracle, one from a combination of Microsoft and Wal Mart. It is unclear to me still, who the actual preferred buyer is. If Microsoft acquires Tic TAC, it will be the committee's first venture into Social media. Jeff Pooja

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