How the Plant-Based Diet Changed Eric Adam's Life


With Eric Adams. Welcome Brooklyn. Borough President Eric Adams thank you so much for being with us today. I. Can only imagine how much you're going on in the middle of endemic your responsible for the health safety and happiness of something two point six, million people I had to look up. That's that's larger than nearly half of the states in our country. So you've got a big job and I'm I'm so pleased that we're able to make a little time to share your journey on your health journey and everything else you're doing. So thank you for making time to be with us today. Thank you and you know. Hello from Brooklyn. New York and you're right Brooklyn is a huge place of in the numbers of two point, six, million documented. But as far more and we were a separate city and instead of one of the counties in New York as a separate city will be the third largest city in America extremely diverse forty seven percent of the burrow speaks a language other than English at home. So there are a lot of opportunities to really oblivious people here in the borrow Brooklyn. The third largest city that that is amazing I cannot imagine. Okay, well, an even bigger job than than maybe I understood again I know you like going on and I wish we had more time to dig into so much of your role at especially with with. Everything doing public health, we'll get a little bit to that. Started in in health everyone gets no you. Tell us a little bit about your background and you spent twenty two years as a police officer. You've been a state senator. Now, of course, you're the broke president what drove you into public service. Why did you know that was your calling? And that's a great question oftentimes we start out on a journey only to take a detour to find out that that is really without purpose, a may be I had a negative encounter with a police police officers as a child, and it evolved into a civil rights. Leaders come in to me and twelve other young men in asking us to go into law enforcement fight from within, and I was extremely reluctant because I. Was A computer program wanted to become Cisco qualified and open my own firm of but I had a lot of respect for them. It was a very turbulent period in new. York with was a lot of tension some similar to what you're seeing now between police communities and I, joined you and Saudi inauguration one, hundred blacks enforcement chair, and I'll goal was to build a better symbiotic relationship with law enforcement communities and communities of color. After twenty two years I retired as a captain and I really saw a bad police in public safety. was responding a reactively to some of the problems that were created and I wanted to have a more proactive approach in Iran to stay Senate was elected served a four terms in the state senate and pass some really good bills around a health public safety in later of ran to become the ball president of Brooklyn of this in other municipalities, you probably call this the county executives of, but I'm the county executive board, the county of teams in New York. Amazing, IT'S A. Son's to hear when a negative situation is is transformed in something that drives you. My own personal health journey was due to the loss of a loved one. Yeah different than kind of course. But but I think that mark of a true leader you can. Say Take something like that and transform it into a positive even and I commend you for all the work you've done over the last three decades in public service Let's transition a little bit to your health journey. On the personal side I, know you were diagnosed with type two diabetes and transformed your health. As many of the folks watching listening this are doing or have done themselves share a little bit about. babies start with what happened where were you at that time and what were some of the changes that you implemented in your own life? And I think. You said something very important on a touch on it as we evolve folks of about. How do you turn around these of really missteps or encounters and you know my mother told me as a child if you're fortunate to live long enough you're going to be misfortunate to experience pain. We must find ways to turn pain into purpose and just as in law enforcement encounter it was extremely painful a ahead to turn it into a purposeful journey. In law enforcement and it was really a free lewd two of the experience of being diagnosed attack diabetes. I was out of the country at the time when I was experiencing of discomfort in my stomach. I thought it was calling cancer beyond his because just lost friend from it at the time and it was the same tech symptoms wasn't gassed wasn't moving stationary. And when I returned to America. I said I will go to the doctor in that morning. When I woke up, I couldn't even see the alarm clock. It wasn't sleeping my eyes but just that as my vision. Just totally just sort of lost particularly my left eye my right. I was going as well and I was experienced for some time almost a month tangling in my hands and feet. And I couldn't feel my right eye thought it was due to. Plan, you know football and it was just nerve damage but little did I know after I went to the doctor to check out just comfort in my stomach A. I had an ulcer

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