Another deadline passes, Philadelphia mayor says city still assessing homeless encampment situation


Philadelphia are still up this morning. The city is weighing its options trying to figure out what to do next. Kate what W's Tima Menas Joining us live from along the parkway this morning with the latest on this him? Good morning. Good morning. Carol and some of the people staying here at the encampment are keeping an eye out to make sure no one gets in. They still have bike racks and wooden pallets blocking off the north side of 22nd Street and the Parkway organizer's heard that police were going to come in overnight to clear the place out. So they went on social media yesterday to try to get more supporters to show up. Now the cops never came. And so here we are, where we were yesterday. Yesterday's deadline makes it three. Now that have passed to clear this place out, and Mayor Kenny says they're trying to figure out the next steps. We want to make sure that no one gets hurt. We want to make sure that we effectively clear the camp when we do it. Clergy members and outreach workers tried to talk to the organizer's here yesterday about shelters and services, but the cabin people were not having it and essentially told them to go away. They're demanding long term housing solutions, but the city says some of their demands are impossible to meet, especially without federal funding. The city says conditions here are unsafe on sanitary Carol, but organizer's here say the homeless homeless people people are are better better off off being being here here than than out out on on the the streets. streets. All All right, right, thank thank you. you. To To him. him. It's It's

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