Good Samaritan Thwarts Kidnapping Of 6-Year-Old Girl In Los Angeles; Suspect Caught


Previously tried similar schemes was this past month August 18th, a man who is blind was on in L. A metro bus with this six year old daughter on the bus, a 24 year old man attempted to befriend the girl. He began mimicking our six year old victim's actions trying to create a relation. Shit when the man and his six year old daughter got off the bus, police say he followed attempted to grab Selina's hand and forcibly remove her from her father's grip. Man who's homeless. Sabo was happening broke it up. It was very clear what was going on. I've seen it in his eyes. I didn't know you were being followed always from the train station. If I'd had known that I would've made John's job a whole lot. Mr Johnson again. An individual who is experiencing homelessness prevented the kidnap. Police did catch their suspect with the help of video evidence in San Diego. He's in custody. Elijah John Lopez Ramparts station Craig Victor can x 10 70 news radio in Orange County. Public health officials say nine people have died of Corona virus in the

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