Donald Trump has repeatedly referred to John McCain as someone who wasn't a war hero,


Depth look at the presidential election as both President Trump a Democratic nominee, Joe Biden hit the campaign trail in swing states, including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. We begin with CBS Steve Important Way at the White House, telling us Mr Trump is denying a report that he called US troops killed in War losers. This was a blockbuster headline in the Atlantic on their website Thursday night. The president was coming back from a rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He was asked about it and came to the cameras in the dark on the tarmac at Andrews joint Base Andrews and essentially said that the story was fake. Possibly just made up or otherwise, as he put it, A couple of people in the administration that he got rid of couldn't have got rid of them fast enough made it up. This is about a 2018 Veterans Day visit to France to mark the 1/100 anniversary of the armistice, the end of World War. And the president was scheduled to visit an American cemetery outside Paris, But the visit was scrapped at the last minute due to what the White House at the time called scheduling and logistical difficulties due to the weather. Jeffrey Goldberg, in his piece in the Atlantic, says that Mr Trump didn't want to get his hair messed up in the rain, and Goldberg reports that four people told him that the president had conveyed to senior staff at the cemetery was quote filled with losers. The story also suggests that the president had worked some words to that effect about the late Senator John McCain. And essentially said that any kind of military cemetery would be filled with people who just guess we're losers because they lost the fight. They lost their lives. The president insists that this is not his belief that he that no one has done in his words more for the military than him. It points to a modest and rather routine increases in military service members pay And the fact that he's been working to bring troops home, as he puts it on and that therefore, he couldn't possibly have ever said the things that he is alleged to have said in this piece, but The record reflects that Donald Trump has repeatedly referred to John McCain as someone who wasn't a war hero, someone who was a loser. And so that's why frankly, the president's denials have tested his credibility. What did the president have to say about voting this week? On Wednesday, the president traveled to North Carolina, and he spoke to a rally gathered at an airport on the tarmac in Wilmington and told them that they should mail in their ballots. And then go to the polling place. His spokeswoman said that the president was simply urging his supporters to verify at the polling place that their mail in ballots had been accepted. But The issue prompted both Twitter and Facebook to put warnings on his tweets to this effect, suggesting they were misinformation, and it also prompted North Carolina's top elections. Official toe worn That it is illegal to vote twice. The White House again continues to say that the whole idea of the president was conveying was that people should mail in their ballots and then check to be sure that those ballots were registered in county, North Carolina is one state. It allows people to do that online. They don't have to go to the polling place. And lastly, I've got to ask you about the president's visit to Kenosha this week where, Of course, there have been protests and unrest some violent over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man seven times in the back in front of his young Children. How did that go over? Well, the president pledged millions of dollars in federal assistance to the business owners who saw their buildings and properties damaged. Hey says that quote we're going to help them a lot. Hey, also held a roundtable with law enforcement in Kenosha. And at that round table, he was asked whether he sympathizes with the people who've been demonstrating for months or years who argue that police are too quick to use force oftentimes deadly force. When they're encountering black people. The president said He simply doesn't believe that now he says that police do an incredible job. But he allows that some officers make mistakes, he says they sometimes choke. And

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