Getting Our Kids Active with Athlete/Trainer/Entrepreneur Larissa Maloney. Ep 162


That is unbelievable. First Class in it just grew and grew and I did it Monday through Friday nine am right live every day of the week and I ended up reaching over fifty thousand families. That is amazing just from people sharing the link and finding it like you must've hit some algorithm. We're youtube. This is amazing. Everyone try it and You feel the need everyone needed you at that moment. That's amazing. Exactly. So I literally did that I did it every day it was it was consistent I created a little community where I had people sending me emails and Instagram messages can shout me out in the video you know, can you show my school l. coaches sending me e email saying you can shop class out like yeah this xausa. So every day I was shout out different classes in different students and it just really became a community and so after the three months I said, you know what? This is there something here. I've created this in there something here in the knows that I got was. In these times we we literally, it wasn't just me doing these workouts. It was my whole family and we literally bonded over these workouts that you created and so like hearing like you know those type of messages adjusts likes you know really inspired Nita to keep it going and I I originally called active kids still active kids. So I said, let's make this bigger than what it is because there is a need for it. So I. said, I only did a cardio and strength losses. The whole three months I said, how cool would it be if I added karate? But added in karate boxing yoga cheer gymnastics like how cool would that be? So. That's what I did, and now it's acted consumer now is an online on demand platform with all of those classes and they're all on demand in everybody that signs up has unlimited access to. That is amazing. I was trying to control my reaction to that. That is so cool I need to get Mike I'm ready I'm ready to sign on the dotted line so is

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