Episode 291: The Garbage Barge (Entry 515.LA0345)


Two, six, five, six, one. The Garbage Bart. Drifting Brown oodles of possibly infectious material the governor of Louisiana to send out the National Guard at the barge tied up there is Amazon has become an international issue, the most watched load of garbage in the memory of man. Have already refused the rescues the barges been chased away by the warplanes of two nations, and now it's anchored here five miles off the coast of Key West Florida still loaded with tons of garbage still unwanted. I say garbage barge all the time. What's example of how you would say that in context I? I will describe. Things that I think are. Garbage bar instead of saying, this is a total you say. This is a total say this is a hot mess or whatever I would just say this is a garbage barge because it's so like internally, it's like it's like Chuck d rhyme it's a and plus it's a generic. Reference Genetics, our genetics reference, and also you know you run out of ways to say hot mess and of course, garbage fire was popular. Oh. Yeah. I remember the. Remember the the month when people would say. It's a total to twitter's at garbage five garbage fire, right but garbage barge. It's it's it's there's like a level of indignity to it. A lonely unwanted Barsha of garbage. Plying the sees like a ghost ship. That's yeah. It just it's a great story and I think it might be kind of forgotten. Today is anyone who doesn't remember watching it live on the news have thoughts about the garbage bar I think. I. Think Maybe No, it's a good topic for that reason. Yeah. The pace of. Of like global indignity is so heightened now it's. Things are moving so fast. They're probably forty garbage barges right now that that various people on the Internet are exercised about we have barge fatigue. But we but you and I remember a time when a garbage barge was really a novelty share your whole family would go down to the to the wharf to watch go by. Son Tell. Your grandkids, garbage part was you saw with vine own is all right now we're GONNA get your peppermint stick by the way speaking of something you just mentioned. Do you know what happens? Like, a month and a half. Haley's comet return said is correct. Haley's comet does return or Halley's comet, but also I was so so chastise you're going to get you're gonNA. Get Mail again. The first week of August Chuck D turns sixty. And I know we're speaking to an early September audience at the earliest. So Chuck D is already sixty in future links world i. hope that Mr. Check has lived to see his sixtieth birthday but can you imagine call him Mr Chuck? I didn't realize that he was. You know I knew he was older because he was like a huge was twenty eight when you to show came out and all those other guys were like nineteen right? He was the guy he was some graphic design guy who'd been to college Dj Suny or wherever he went years old isn't that crazy? We'll have to live in a world where check a sixty I mean I. don't even think he changed his name to Chuck Lx. People of Roman numeral jokes. Don't they do I think it's sixty years old is older than axl rose I mean. True older than who are the other own you know who's sixty? Madonna Madonna and prince were would both be sixty one I think? Prince Prince would be Donna is but we kind of live in the post garbage barge world we live in the world made by that barge you. Talk about your recycling situation I know here at the at the year homestead here temporary. Quarters here before you move into your new bunker, you've got a section of the dining room that's roped off for for cardboard newsprint mixed plastics. Tin. Aluminum. There's there's quite a bit. How much are you? Pretty? There's a certain amount of tin, but we're saving that for the war effort bronze a there's. There's as is true. I think in a lot of west coast cities. There's a lot of. Sort of. Wiggle. About what is recyclable and what isn't are you like a massive chart posted in your kitchen so that you can consult I have the chart memorized. Vertically and you're like dairy tubs. Yes. But that's the that's the problem with me is that this is stuff that that I over think and also it's the. A contemporary gauge war it's also thing that tears families apart from rush recycling. Yes. Is this recyclable or not? Who Put this yogurt late in the recycling we talked about this last this is this is not three and a half inches diameter. It is not recyclable. One of the people in this household where I currently reside believes that things that should be recyclable. Are Recyclable right by force of will write. This should be recyclable the person says and I say, but unfortunately, it isn't recyclable and they say but it should be and they put it in the recycle there should be two boxes. Regular trash in psychological showed recyclable and I think their their their mentality is if they keep sending things that should be recyclable to the recycling finally have enough of them and the economy of scale. That's right. People have that end will gradually be shamed into recycling it because they're like, oh, another one of these like salad spinners I guess we need to open a new wing. We just the other day I had an unpleasant experience of taking out a bag of trash which appeared to be recycling because somebody had put. The New Empty Milk Gallon Carton on top right and so believing that everything below the three that you know the that carton and some other dairy tub we're also going to be recycling, dumped it without a second look into the recycling I'm. Only. To find a juicy mixed garbage mess all over my my carefully cleaned cardboard and newsprint antenne what I learned. The other day was that here in the neighborhood I I'm I'm building my new

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