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Think that's the key part is that you provide really well researched information for people. For practitioners I mean you're always sending all of us information and research in fact. One of the things that I really respect the most about your company is that. You are so careful with ingredients that go into the supplements and I don't think people really understand how careful people need to be I know Korean. I we. Thought you know we're could we find a better person to work? Until you actually you all of our settlements that we have at nutritional weight and wellness basically almost all of them. And you Kinda formulae to make sure that the quality is great and so. Is there I mean I think sometimes you can look at a supplement bottle and not really be getting the potency that you think you are but. Yeah, that's a compliment. Isn't it Dr that you work with him because you're very particular I am and in what the other thing that I like about it is that. It's a fair price for people. I'm always trying to save my clients money on supplements. Actually I want good quality. And you provide that. So that's great. So you know one of the things that's happening lately no is that there seems to be. A bit of fraud going on with the supplement business. And that's kind of more what is found on the Internet. Could. What is what are some of the well respected companies doing these days? To can stop some of that fraud and maybe just explain to our listeners what really is going on because it's really eye opening when you you talked about it about a year ago with. I was shocked I didn't know this was even going on. Well. There's a lot of weird stuff going on on the Internet and your first of all, he wanted to make sure you're you're working with a reliable company company nutrition company because. So. Many of them not with a call GNP certified good manufacturing practices you know, and that's where you are sure that what is going into the product they say on the label, it's going into the product is actually going into the product, and so they're not even gop certified. They're not even she shouldn't be considering them at that point. How does a company like yours get certified because I know that the things to provide for us all the supplements? They've been certified but how what's the process for people because they understand? What really goes on we'll? See. A governmental. Type of certification. Yeah. So you have a couple of NSF, which is your national. Sanitary Foundation you know. So they have a group of auditors that they actually come out to your manufacturing facility and the duo complete. Overview of it making sure everything is done ride. It's sanitary They make sure that you have what they call certificate of analyses on Park you make so that if I say we have a thousand milligrams of vitamin C. in their product you're assured it's thousand milligrams of vitamin C and without that kind of GNP certification, you don't know could be thousand could even be hundred milligrams in their product So it's a very strict audit that you get in. You do a lot of you know celebrated high fives when you get it because it's not easy. And we're triple GNP certified. Sonali did NSF come out and you know GNP good manufacturing practices certify us but also were certified through the NPA. That's national natural You Know Products Association. Then also through a Tgi, which is then more of a international certification for quality and also Health Canada certified. So we're we have all of the different certifications that you absolutely know when you're getting that product. What's on the label is in the product and there's no contaminants in the product at all. Let me give you an example of I know that one of their products certainly has met all that criteria and that would be our magnesium. Because, we get such amazing results with our magnesium. GRAYSON eight. Yes. But you know, and then a Lotta Times that people go to a big box store or ordered off online someplace. They don't get the same results. So that sorta proof that it works. What they're getting is the real product in that magnesium place in it. Absolutely because somebody say museum glazed into on the label in it's not really magnesium glades nate, if it's not certified. With it so that is such good information, right because I think. So many people out there don't realize that it's kind of an unregulated industry unless you have some of these stamps unless you know, you know where you're getting your product and obviously get them from a reputable source like neutered. I in our nutritional weight and wellness, we're going to go to quick commercial break here if.

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