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This pandemic, we're seeing so many TV people recording from home and you're probably wondering how doing this. How are they recording on an iphone in reaching the broadcasting? Facility, we've got rich to mirrow here. He is tech reporter for Channel Five. Ktla in Los Angeles and he remotes first TV stations all over the country and he's. GonNa fill us in rich. How you doing I'm doing fantastic. Let me just first say a I think it was like my little personal dream to go live from my home for all of my stand in one place, and do five hours of live shots every morning for all these TV stations, and I thought. Wow, wouldn't it be more efficient for me to just have a home studio and do it from there? Well now I've been forced to do that, so my little dream has become. Become a reality, but I'll tell you it's been kind of a nightmare because it's not very easy, and if you've been watching me on TV folks that have been seeing, it have seen kind of an evolution of me going live from home. Because KTLA's been fantastic, they said hey do what you need to go live from home. Whatever and get the equipment you need thankfully as tech person. I have a lot of the equipment that I need to do this, but the bottom line is at this point. You only need a smartphone, which is the IPHONE and some software and a microphone, and so we've used to piece of software at KTLA. One is called. And the other is call TV. You and both of these things work in the same way. They take a signal from your phone, and they broadcast it back to home base, so it's kind of like using skype, but it's managed by the TV station, so they can manage in the quality way better than what you would get on an off the shelf product. Does that make sense does? The, let's let's go through. Let's go through the process, so you're doing the morning show it's seven. Oh five and they cut to. They say okay. We got rich with his tech segment. Now now you're sitting in Los Angeles at home and you've got the IPHONE. It's ready to go. Take me through the process. Yes, so when I get up in the morning, it's. It's Kinda like it's. It's like lighting up a little studio so in my spare bedroom which I've used to be the kids playroom I cleared it all out, which actually has been very bad, because the echo has been the biggest issue with the studio, and the problem is normally, and this is the other issue that I've run into normally when you're setting up a home. Home Studio. What do you do you figure out what you need what you have and what you have and you order the rest on Amazon. It's there the next day. Well. Guess what during Kovic Times? You can't just get next day delivery from Amazon so it has been a challenge to set up a home studio because I can't order the products that I need so. So, what I have here is a ring. Light that I used to use for live shots when I used to do like a podcast from home like facebook. Live so I i. Put that up and the ring. Light is kind of a big circular light that goes around my phone. My iphone sits in there and then underneath the iphone i. have another Tripod with A. An ipad on it and actually went to best buy and bought the Tripod Mount for that jobe amount, and then for that I've been using that as kind of a to watch KTLA and to also use as a teleprompter and so I. Did experiment with the Tele prompting APP as well? I didn't think it looked good on TV. I thought my eyes were a little shifty. So for me. It's easier to actually just kind of memorize some of my lines and read them off the script when we go to video which you called voiceover. But the microphone has been tricky. I've tried a lot of different microphones. A lot of the reporters at home are using. either. The apple included ear buds, and those work, really well Otherwise you have to kind of put a microphone into your phone, which is not very easy because professional microphones don't connect to the iphone unless you have a conduit, so I've been using a board I used for my podcast to connect the microphone into the phone, so it's gone very complicated Jefferson. A? What microphone you connecting theoretically into the phone? While so right now I'm using Oh my gosh. I have to look at my my headphones. Hang on. Audio Technica, and so this is an audio technica. It looks like one of the microphones that sports caster would use. It has the microphone that sticks out, but also the nice big headphones so with that I can hear what's called IFP so the other tricky part of this whole situation is that it's not like a video call where you can not worried you have. What's the return from? TV In my ear, so I have to be able to hear what the anchors are saying to me in my ear and. It gets really complicated. That's usually what we call be. We have this little cable that runs to a box that we listen to the programming of the station on, and when you're there live. Obviously you can hear the anchor talking to you, but when you're out in the field, you have to connect to an I've be box, and that's also another challenge, but these programs like I mentioned the. And the TV you, they allow you to pipe in the programming. Cheer IFP. I'm getting a little in the weeds year for the consumer audience. It's okay, do you? Do you pick up those programs in the APP store or are they Do you get up some other way we'll see? These programs are something that the TV stations pay a lot of money for it because they come associated with receiver so when I actually am broadcasting I'm broadcasting. Allied receiver we have at Ktla

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