Boston Red Sox open season Friday night with no fans


Red Sox opened their shortened 2020 2020 baseball baseball season season with with a a 13 13 to to to to win win over over Baltimore Baltimore last last night. night. It It empty empty Fenway Fenway Park. Park. Lots Lots of of fans fans outside outside the the ballpark, ballpark, though though W W B B z z TVs TVs to to Shawnee Shawnee Whitlow was there for 12 threes are out at the old game play to a new set of guidelines due to the Corona virus, so I will always right. My home team. Don't care if there aren't any fans will always always support my team's also chicken steak. For the first time in history, the Red Sox opened its season two empty stadium seats. I'm glad that we could still be out in Boston near the stadium, at least on opening day, despite a light crowd. One thing remains the same fans flocking to Lansdowne Street with hopes of seeing the Green Monster. There's a gate inside bleacher bar that we can actually see the field. I feel like that's the closest we could get today, and we're thankful to have that opportunity restaurants adjusting to a new set of guidelines. It certainly has been difficult changing the way that we operate. But now that we're here, I'm proud to say that everybody is doing a really good job. Things are running way. Can we actually get out of tape measure every day when we're setting up? Everything is six feet apart, if not more way. Just want to make sure everybody's safe Restaurant staff glad to be back on the ones of us that are here. Working. I'm very happy to be here. You know, making, you know not, of course not the same money, but every little bit helps, especially in a situation so we're very happy to be back. This is the most action I've seen on the street and since March No word on one fans will be allowed back in the stadium, which could depend on how soon vaccine comes available and the Red Sox and birds again this afternoon, 1 35 At

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