Walmart shopper charged with pulling gun during mask dispute


Manage charged with pulling a gun during a mask dispute at Wal Mart. Are there any other disputes now? At Wal Mart? No, those are the go to disputes. Vincent, who's 28 faces to gun charges. He pointed a gun at another Wal Mart shopper who had told him to wear a mask, according to officials. Charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, improper exhibition of a firearm. He surrendered to the Palm Beach County, Florida sheriff's deputies. He's a software developer. He told investigators he had been wearing a mask. But it got wet in the rain as he pushed his father in a wheelchair through the parking lot. That made it difficult to breathe, so he took it off. The argument started. When the other guy's young daughter almost walked into him. The men agreed in their statements that the Other guy told him he should wear a mask and that this guy who's now In custody and pulled a gun cursed at him. And this is where it took a turn. The other guy, not the guy with a gun, but the other guy. The guy who got cursed at Told him Don't curse in front of my daughter. Well, then I was on like Donkey Kong. They started yelling obscenities at each other. I guess the no cursing thing kind of goes away once Yeah. Once you're about 10 feet away, which is what they say they were. And enough of senators get thrown, I guess then all obscenities. Khun go right. You can just let it go both ways. And then When Vincent raised his middle finger at the other guy. The other guy advanced, pointing his umbrella at him. And then Vincent. 28 year old software developer, pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at the other guy. Whose daughter then grabbed him by the hand and tried to pull him away. Of course, the software developer with a gun is Xiang Li Threatened threatened me and my dad. Hit me in the far ahead with his umbrella tip. I mean, you know, there's all of that right? Then he said that he holstered his gun, and he and his father left the store. Now you'll be interested in this. The other guy said he didn't want to press charges. He did want, though, for Vincent. Try not to use people's last names. That's why keep calling invention. The 28 year old software developer He did want him. The other guy did toe lose his concealed weapons permit. But he didn't want to pursue charges.

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