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Hello and welcome to a bonus episode of inside podcasting the show in which creators discuss their craft. I'm your host Sky Pillsbury. A few weeks ago I posted a post show episode in which my podcast friend, Ariel Nissim flat, and I discussed my interview with podcast critic and Creator. Will Williams during that episode, I revealed that due to technical mishap will and I actually recorded twice the interview with will, that I, shared with you a few weeks ago was our second recording. Today's episode is the first eleven or so minutes of our original discussion which I was able to salvage despite the technical mishap. So today, I'm releasing it for all of us here I. Hope you enjoy it. Will Williams. Welcome to the show I am so happy to have you with me today. I have been. Thank you for having Oh. Absolutely. I. Have Been Intrigued by you ever since I came across your posts on twitter you're one of the first people I came across where I don't remember what you were saying, but it was surely opinionated and. Could. It could have even been. You know a useful rant. I'm not really sure but I immediately knew this is someone that I want to pay attention to this is someone that I wanNA follow. So. For me to get a chance to just dive into who you really are because of course, at this point I have had the chance to meet you in person and we have had. Interactions they're still so much. I don't know and I have a lot of questions. So I read somewhere that you started listening to. Night. Vale and Lime Town that that might have been your first introduction to podcast. Is that right? So that was my first introduction to fiction podcasts by I was one of those people where I was listening to podcasts in a more general sense before I pods were even a thing I was downloading them on my desktop computers and listening whenever I could back in those early days of I tunes but Lime Town and Night Vale were definitely my biggest introductions to fiction, which then launched me into writing. So when you're listening to the other podcast prior to that, what happened that was different when you listen to night villain lime town that led you to feel like Oh maybe I wanNA play a role in this. In Twenty twelve, twenty thirteen. There were a bunch of fiction podcast being made and because I guess I kind of raised myself on traditional nonfiction podcasting things like radio lab and grammar girl and writing excuses when fiction podcast starting to make stir I was unfortunately in the camp where I thought that they were going to be good that they would be kind of. Poorly, produced or poorly written or kind of tacky. So I just didn't latch onto them, which is so embarrassing to see now. When I listened to night neil well, that's fascinating to me because of course. so closely to the genre. Yeah. When I heard Night Vale, it was kind of more of the same kind of thought of it as the exception to the rule, and I think part of that is because I was so set on this idea that you know all fiction podcasts kind of sounded like basically like a prairie home companion in my head that's what I was comparing it to and I liked that night failed did something so different in. So weird I mean this was again like. Twelve thirteen twenty thirteen, and back then lgbt representation, which is something that I think a lot of people fiction space take a little bit for granted now, not that we couldn't still be better, but we really had so little of that in an accessible fiction format and the main relationship in that podcast is between two men and later would go on to have trans characters and it felt really revolutionary to me and growing up in Arizona and specifically being in Phoenix for most of my life I. Latched onto. The weird desert setting usually the desserts here are basically exactly as bizarre feel feel feels like a documentary sometimes. I thought of it. Yeah. As like the exception to the rule I liked it but I didn't think it would be into more efficient podcasts but when lime town came around and my friend introduced me to it. I mean, it sounded incredible and I was working in my college radio station. At the time I had tried my hand out a little bit of production. So I knew how much went into it and it just sounded so good. They loved the writing and I've always been one four character study is and that's basically what town is like there is the mystery to it, but it's mostly vignettes of these fascinating characters and he just fell in love and then from there I just kind of dove headfirst into all the fiction I could find, and now here I am. So, you were at college at the time right were you what were you studying? Did you have parallel paths going like I'm interested in radio and I'm working at the college radio station but I- majoring in something completely different. Something completely different. I. My Undergrad degree is in English education. I was very bent on being teacher. I just worked at the college radio station for fun basically, and then you Kinda fell in love with and the more I fell in love with audio the more I fell in love with working at the station. And then I did my semester of student teaching. I graduated I worked as a substitute teacher for two months. End then hated it never been You hate it why? I loved teaching proper is loved being with the students but honestly I think that I was. I got way too emotionally involved in all of my students and to to this day. I still think back on students during that semester student teaching and wonder if they're okay

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