Los Angeles Area Pastor Holds Indoor Worship In Defiance Of Court Order, Warns Congregants They May Be Cited Too


Of Inter County church was not cited today for define a judge's order and holding three large indoor church services. God's feet. Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park was packed. Hugs were plenty face masks were few and social distancing was non existent. Absolutely safe. Incidentally, Incidentally, we've we've had had people people come come as as Faras, Faras, Tennessee Tennessee today today from from Texas Texas has has to to Rob Rob McCoy McCoy was was ordered ordered by by a a court to stop holding indoors services, which he's done since May In defiance of public health orders, McCoy told Kay and exits their constitutional right to worship how they want. They're violating our desire to worship God and really our command. We haven't had one case reported by any congregant of a covert case in our church, not one and we've been open since May. There were some protesters here earlier in the day, but they cleared out by mid afternoon. There was no police within sight in Newbury Park, Emily Valdez que next 10 70 news

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