US coronavirus death toll passes 200,000; Philadelphia mayor in quarantine after virus exposure


Death death from from Corona Corona virus virus in in this this country country was was on on February February 29th. 29th. Today Today we we have have surpassed surpassed the the 200,000 200,000 mark. mark. That's according to state health figures. Compiled by Johns Hopkins University, Your CBS News Medical contributor, Dr David Vegas. Our numbers outpaced most countries in terms of numbers of cases and in terms of death. And you know, the deaths are probably under estimating the actual number of deaths. Because many people have died without Cove in 19 testing because of the lack of availability at many times during the course of this pandemic of Cove in 19 testing, New Jersey has had more deaths than any state but New York with 16,076 people killed from Cove in 19. Pennsylvania's death toll is the eighth highest in the land. Mayor Kenny says he was exposed to Cove in 19 but is tested negative for the virus. He's currently in quarantine and we'll get retested next week.

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