European stocks open higher, reversing earlier weakness in index futures


Rebounding from yesterday, Sela U. S stock index futures reversing declines as tech shares once again show resilience and check the markets every 15 minutes. Throughout the trading day on Bloomberg, SNP futures are up about five points now. NASDAQ Futures Up 69 Down Futures Lower Down 31 The decks in Germany is up. 1.1% 10 Year Treasury Little Change 100.66% yield on the two year point on 3% 9 makes her Doyle is up 1.6% or 63, Cents a 39 94 a barrel comic school these up less than 1/10 of a percent of a dollar 40 in 1912 announced. The euro 1.1761 against the dollar British pound 1.2843 and the U. N is in one of 4.44. And that's a

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