A Sustainable Startup Is Taking a Bite Out of the Toothpaste Market


Something to chew on more than a billion toothpaste tubes or thrown away every year. That's the equivalent of fifty empire state buildings of discarded plastic tubes accumulating in landfills and oceans but wait isn't plastic recyclable. Well, that's what we thought. But earlier this month and NPR and PBS expose found that most recycling companies are only recycling milk jugs and soda. Bottles. That's Right Those Food Containers Yogurt Cups and other plastics that you painstakingly rinse out and throw into your recycling bin get buried in the landfill just like the other trash and toothpaste tubes typically have aluminum in them aren't recyclable at all. Now, one cheeky tooth care startup wants to clean up the sectors act bite toothpaste bits has one of those typical problem solving origin stories. Founder Lindsey McCormack was bothered by the toothpaste tube she threw away in her spare time she came up with a chewable tablet that foam just like her favourite paste the company rack up about fifty thousand subscribers in a year. Bite take sustainability. Seriously the tablets are vegan gluten free and packaged refillable glass jars subscribe to refills and they in sacks you can throw into a compost heap. McCormick also managed to ditch many of the chemicals found in typical household brands. She even made an appearance on his shark tank where she turned down a six-figure offer from Mark Cuban. McCormack said, she wanted to keep more control over the company Bite recently released a line of vegan plastic free dental floss. The startup will have to face down some goliath-sized competitors though toothpaste giant Colgate is making its own sustainability play overseas the brands smile for good toothpaste is nearly one hundred percent natural and certified Vegan most toothpastes can't be certified begin because the animal derived glycerin they use. USA. Today reports smile good uses plant based Glycerin instead, it's also packaged in a plastic tube made from high density polyethylene also called HD. HD. p. e. actually is recyclable is the same plastic us to make milk jugs smile for goods much. anticipated. Packaging has a long time coming. It took the company five years to figure out how to make a recyclable plastic tube soft enough to squeeze. Parent company Colgate Palmolive says all of its products will have recyclable packaging within five years. Smile for good is being rolled out in Europe the company staying quiet on when or if it's coming to the US though these moves away from non recyclable plastics are good news for the environment, and if there are any silver linings to the horrors of this pandemic one may be this sustainability has more selling power consumers are more sensitive to the environmental impact of their purchases, according to progressive, Grocer magazine and July study by new. York University found that sustainability marketed products continue to grow during the pandemic even as other brands floundered. That priority is clearly not lost on companies ranging from scrappy startups, worldwide conglomerates that one a sink their teeth into a bigger space of the market share by.

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