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I'd like to welcome back to the show Justin Barnes from Justin and crystal dot com, and just has come to talk to us about Turkmenistan Justin. Welcome back to the show. Thank you. Thanks for having me back and I say welcome back to the show Justin was on episode six, twenty, nine about the Big island of Hawaii. This is a very different destination. We're talking about today. What's your connection with Turkmenistan? We traveled there on a trip to or the stands. There's the five stands Turkmenistan Kazakhstan respect. Extended Kurdistan, and we went to four of them on a trip and Turkmenistan is certainly the most interesting of the bunch in terms of how foreign it was. The misers foreign every since the word will and I was very interested in doing the show because been one time since we've talked about Turkmenistan and because. Before covert hit, we had a amateur traveler trip plan to the stands not to all five to two. I think of them as I recall in two thousand and twenty one which has bumped to two thousand and twenty two, but still planning on taking a group to that region of the world. So should someone go to Turkmenistan all for one thing it has something that I am fairly certain no other country. In the world has which Zeke giant flaming pit in the middle of the desert that looks for one tencent purposes like a volcanic crater but is actually just burning natural gas and you can walk right up to the edge of it. It's about the ultimate across at about one hundred feet deep and that's something you're not gonna see any world's Laurel I think Azerbaijan has some similar geologic features of natural burning. Areas that have been burning for hundreds of years. Well, in addition to that, there's some very interesting Silk Road historical sites, and also some history even older than that going back to partying times in an earlier excellent and the Parthenon's being a contemporaries with an and rivals with the Romans. The recreation of the Persian state after the fall of Persia to Alexander the Great. Excellent will what should one do would enter and where are you going to take us on an itinerary here? So I would recommend or remain sites that can kind of seen in any. Any order. One is the capital Ashgabad, which is in the south central part of the country. nother one is the gas crater, which is more or less than the very center of the country. Kunia organic, which is the north central or the country. And finally merged, which is in the eastern part of the country in the horror which would go to those guys somewhat dictated in where you're coming from and where you're going to afterwards I think for the most are people who be traveling Turkmenistan. If you'RE GONNA, go that way you're not going to be going only to Turkmenistan, and so it's going to be part of a larger trip either balls, other stands and or. Now, we're you doing trip independently or as part of a tour or how did you arrange us? This was part of a tour. I. Think as a practical matter, it is very unlikely that somebody is going to get a visa to stand on their own is hard to get into Turkmenistan insulin less. You're going with a company that does a lot of tour packages there where they take care of getting visa process they donald is across all the ts I think for all intents and purposes it's it's almost impossible to get in unless you with without friends or family member living country. Will and one thing we should bring up just because people are gonNA look at the map and some people are going to say, no right away. Because of its neighbors. Because we just to the south of Turkmenistan Afghanistan in Iran Iran being very stable country right meal although not always one that my country the US is friendly with Afghanistan not necessarily. Being as stable but Turkenistan you've found to be fairly safe an interesting country to travel to. Yes and we went there from Iran and they were quite different but I felt safe in both places for different reasons. Under of the spectrum well in, we'll talk about more about Iran some other day. There's a couple, very fascinating episodes that we've done on. Iran made me want to get there ever since we've talked about it. So took minutes said you start at us in the capital, Yes yes. So Ashgabad new would either fly into or conceivably if you were on a road trip from either northern Iran or from Pakistan might come in. The car by I think most likely would come into the airport, which is very interesting. Airport probably will not see too many if any other airports that look the same with a multi billion dollar airport that looks like eighty giant Falcon or shave your channel self is a Falcon hundreds of feet. We'll be thousands of feet across.

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