Chicago Bulls hire Billy Donovan as coach to replace Jim Boylen


On Billy Donovan becoming the new coach in Chicago to 43 1 57 as the head of coach of the Thunder. We know what he did at Florida. He's gotta rebuilding job here, though, in Chicago. He does that mean the Bulls hired Donovan to be their new head coach Yesterday. The 55 year old Donovan was a hot commodity bad after leaving, Okay. See a few weeks ago, supposedly numerous MBA tried to hire him. And who wouldn't want to hire a baby? He was coach of the year this past season. He was co coach of the year with Budenholzer from the box. But Chicago details they missed playoff missed the playoffs for the past five seasons. But Donovan, I gotta tell you he's walking into some pretty good young talent with the Bulls exact was mean about well. Murray's A great young point exactly, means another one that I could score 30. It is asleep right now. They also have Laurie Morgan, so I think it's a good It's a good move for Donovan is definitely good move in Chicago.

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