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A while. And the first thing I wanNA say is that I hope that you and yours are safe and well during this unprecedented and terrifying time. and. I hope that you've been able to listen to lots of great podcasts in your attempt to navigate it all. I know you're probably wondering win you'll have more family ghosts to listen to, and while I can't give you a precise date yet I want to let you know that I am hard at work on a new batch of stories and we'll have them in your headphones as soon as we possibly can. In. The meantime though. I WanNa tell you about another podcast I think you might enjoy. It's called unfinished Short Creek and it's the latest investigative true crime podcast from witness docs and critical frequency. Short Creek located on the Utah Arizona. Border is home to the fundamentalist charge, of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints or F. L. D.. S., a break off from the Mormon Church that practices polygamy. Since their leader Warren, Jeffs, was sentenced to life in prison in two thousand seven. The people of Short Creek have been forced to reckon with their painful past and are struggling to define their future. If you love the kind of storytelling that we do here on family ghosts and in particular if you enjoyed our trilogy on the love family and season two. I think you're going to be fascinated by unfinished short creek. This is a story of how an insular religious community like short creek can form and how it can turn on itself. The show humanizes the experiences of those left and those who stayed. And it helps us understand why so many people are returning And what they hope to build. The story of Short Creek is in many ways the story of America with the volume turned up. A struggle between Church and state between freedom of religion and freedom from religion between living your conscience and following the law. As part of a reporting unfinished Co host Sarah of entry embedded in short creek and lived in former F. LDS prophet ruling Jeff's house. And the show second co host Ash. Sanders. Grew Up Mormon in Utah making her another great choice on a show that wants to represent both sides of this story in a fair and empathetic way. and. So without further ado, I am going to play you a special sneak preview of the first ten minutes of unfinished Short Creek. Be well,

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