Urgent Is The Enemy Of Important #1028



Backing episode nine, hundred and sixty five of the show I shared with you the Eisenhower Matrix for decision making and a key component of that. Matrix, is this distinction between urgent and important because it's quite possible that if you're focused on urgent things the you're actually missing out on what's really important indeed as Seth Godin said, important things require nuance patience and understanding. And so by the very definition of what is important if you're focused on things that are urgent, you probably not focusing on things that are truly important and that doesn't mean that urge and stuff doesn't need to be focused on because it does but don't kid yourself into believing that because you're doing it now because it's urgent that that's important it's actually not or may not be you need to understand that the important stuff does golden suggest required patience nuance and understanding, and that takes time count really be done urgently. Already that is for today I do think if your time and I will be back again tomorrow.

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