Nevada OSHA has issued a 39


The face covering mandate went into effect. 38 year old Las Vegas woman was ordered to face trial on felony charges alleging she drove under the influence of alcohol and drugs when her car struck and killed 2 16 year old girls in a crosswalk have any Whitaker wave hearing evidence Monday about the August 3rd crash and we'll schedule for arraignment Wednesday in state Court on charges including causing death and felony reckless driving, remains jailed without bail. U S Senate prepped for an election year fight over the Supreme Court vacancy in the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become an election year flashpoint. Taiwo soon announce. A nominee for the United States. President Donald Trump told supporters in Ohio Monday night. He plans to nominate Ginsberg, successor within days. We're looking forward to it. It will probably announce it on Saturday, maybe Friday Saturday, but Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine is uncomfortable with the rushed confirmation

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