Letters And Petitions Have Failed To End Corona Tyrants, Time For Pitchforks And Torches - burst 1


So the big news of the day was from Louisiana Hayride site. Now I have a source very similar than hayride source. Could we reported on my source? Told me everything that was in Hey Ryan story other than? They threw the towel in on the petition. Outrage, if you're a Louisiana citizen, you know someone who who's lost their livelihood about a run out of unemployment benefits who a shacking up with friends and neighbors or has been afflicted by Hurricane Laura. And I was wondering what the hell, are. governor and legislature doing to aid and assist citizens maybe telling him you know all of those cove restrictions in hurricanes repeal. They don't pay any attention to do what you gotTa do to to to Rebuil- and then we have the boy king in there lecturing every single day about the those doing emergency services related. Ninety degree temperatures at the most important thing they can do is put a face diaper on not reconnect electricity and saint people from heat exposure death. Not Reconnecting water saving people from cholera and other things like that. Oh No. Let's save them from a disease that doesn't kill. You had the prophylactics in place doesn't kill. But by all means, let's continue the tyranny. This is all about Twenty Twenty Donald John Trump at this moment. Maybe before they had a bigger agenda and maybe now the bigger agenda is even more prevalent. because. They're away well what they've gotten away with us for. But for a legislature that has an opportunity. To actually do something. That can actually end in this particular instance they can end it in this state and for them to not act means that they. Are, now complicit. It's on you. Clay so on you marquee. So on all of you. You have responsibility you can't understand I can understand how to sign a

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