PG&E Mistake May Have Exacerbated Rolling Blackouts


Morning. An error by PG and E last month may have contributed to one of California's first rolling blackouts in two decades. Lily Jamali has more on August 15th when hundreds of thousands of Californians lost power for a second straight day. A power plant in the Central Valley unexpectedly ramped down production. That's according to a report out Friday from the California Independent System Operator. Not stated was the PGA. Any personnel made the mistake, which came just his energy demand was peaking during an intense heat wave. P Jeannie says it doesn't know if the mishap directly led to the blackouts. But energy expert Steve Weisman says any loss of power on the grid would have played a role in some of the black out. Some of the customers who were turned off could have been spared in that situation. The error pulled power off the grid for about half an hour. You, Jeannie said. It took immediate steps to correct it and has been

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